April 8 Total Solar Eclipse News

BY CHARLES BETZLER, HERALD WRITER The last time Oklahomans were able to view a total solar eclipse was August 21, 2017; however, none of the state was in totality. Oklahoma City experienced 85 percent totality, which means 85 percent of the sun was obscured. Before that, the last solar eclipse visible in the United States occurred […]

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Nerd Knowledge: Everything You Need to Know About NOAA Weather Radio

BY CHARLES BETZLER, HERALD WRITER Spring is here and we must prepare for potentially dangerous weather conditions. Today’s technology allows us to easily keep abreast of the weather and to receive emergency alerts anywhere, anytime. What is NOAA weather radio? According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, “NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR) is a nationwide

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Severe Weather Safety Tips

BY CHARLES BETZLER, HERALD WRITER Tornado Preparedness The first step in preparation for any disaster is to have an emergency plan in place. This plan should be created by discussing the following questions with your friends, family, or household members. How will I receive emergency alerts and warnings? Battery-powered NOAA weather radios with tone alerts are cheap

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Winter Weather Returns to the Area

By CHARLES BETZLER SAPULPA ­­– Another front brought freezing precipitation to Oklahoma on Sunday. By Monday morning, Sapulpa had received  0.15 inches of ice according to Channel 6 spotter, Brandon Welles. Although the accumulation was not enough to cause power outages, it made sidewalks, parking lots, and streets veritable skating rinks. Schools throughout Green Country

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Wild Weekend Weather

By CHARLES BETZLER From January 12 to 14, there were multiple earthquakes in the Oklahoma City area, near blizzard-like conditions in western Oklahoma, severe thunderstorms in Eastern Oklahoma, and last but not least, an arctic front that swept across the Sooner State. Here in Creek County, temperatures plunged to near zero, with life-threatening wind chills, prompting

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How to prepare your vehicle for winter

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

BY CHARLES BETZLER, HERALD WRITER Winter is upon us and it is time to make sure your vehicle is ready for the upcoming inclement weather. Check your tires for wear. Worn tires are dangerous, especially in winter weather. Inspect your tires for remaining tread life and uneven wear. Examine the sidewalls for cuts and nicks or

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CHARLES BETZLER PHOTO LOCAL SHOPPERS stock up on supplies before the cold front arrived on Thursday night

Sapulpans Brace for Winter Blast

BY CHARLES BETZLER, HERALD WRITER SAPULPA ­­–– Grocery stores and gas stations, as well as hardware stores, were busy Friday as residents prepared for the incoming arctic front. The Sapulpa Herald contacted the Tulsa National Weather Service Friday and spoke to one of the lead meteorologists, Karen Hatfield, for a prognosis of the potential for severe

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