We took a ride in a 100-year-old car. Here’s how it went.

For just $11.00, you can take a ride in a 100-year-old classic car. We did it, and it was terrific.

If you’re not already aware, the Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum is one of the area’s most unique collections of cars. Situated in the old Armory on Sahoma Lake road, just steps from the Mother Road, the museum has everything from nostalgic classics to military vehicles, to oddballs on wheels.

Earlier this month, they announced a new program, offering the chance to ride in a 1922 Packard for $11 a person. The Packard—one of the first automobiles to be loaned to the museum—had to undergo some engine work to get it ready for the tours, but it’s out and ready to go.

Sapulpa Times got to be one of the first to take the tour, and we made sure to bring our friends at Venture Film Studios along for the ride. The result was a half-hour ride condensed into a six-minute experience that talks about everything from starting the car to answering the important questions like, “how long does it take to go from 0-60?”

Known for the photo-friendly 66-foot replica gas pump in front of the building, approximately 20,000 people have visited the museum since it opened its doors. Visitors have come from every U.S. state and nearly 100 countries. 

The rides in the Packard are going through October. Call to reserve a space at (918)216-1171. The museum is located at 13 Sahoma Lake Road in Sapulpa.