Thieves Wreaking Havoc off Hwy 33

A handful of homes off of Highway 33 have been victimized by thieves multiple times in the last few weeks.

Kristin Hurst, whose home was broken into last week, said that the thieves made off with a television and a generator.

The next day, her neighbors just a couple of miles away were victimized, losing their laptop and jewelry in the process.

This map shows the locations of the slew of burglaries that have hit the area near Dripping Springs.
This map shows the locations of the slew of burglaries that have hit the area near Dripping Springs.

As word began to get around, the number of victims continued to tick up. During our last snow storm, the thieves struck again, this time confiscating their laptop, camera and Xbox, as well as jewelry and expensive shoes.

Chase Hurst, Kristin’s husband, said he was left feeling shocked, vulnerable, and angry.

“These are just things, of course, but those feelings, and my family being fearful really makes you feel helpless,” he said.

At the same time, he brought up gratitude for the Creek County Sheriff’s Office and their handling of the case.

“I’m so thankful for deputy Dustin Thomas,” Hurst said. “(He’s been) keeping up with us and it makes an overwhelming difference, knowing that somebody genuinely cares for you.”

Hurst and other victims believe the burglaries are the work of more than one person—probably two. The suspects have been caught on camera driving a late model Dodge Durango two sets of footprints have been found at the scene, one a set of work boots, the other a set of Nike sneakers. Some allege that one of the suspects has a ponytail.

The burglars seem to fancy not only jewelry and televisions, but will rummage through dressers, looking for guns or cash. Hurst said there were 5 people broken into within a two week period.

So far, the burglaries have been restricted to the area off of Hwy 33 between Dripping Springs and Blue Bell Church—usually dead-end dirt roads. Hurst says there may be other victims that the police don’t know about.

Additional victims or anyone who recognizes the descriptions of the suspects or their vehicle is urged to call the Creek County Sheriff’s Office at (918) 227-6374.