The capacity for the Collins Ballroom has changed drastically

Alex Walters

It was a quiet Monday morning on April 11th at the Creek County Commissioner’s weekly meeting.

Leon Warner was absent and Mike Anthamatten, First Deputy, was in his place for the day. The first order of business was fixing errors in last week’s meeting. It was stated last week that Oilton would be first in presenting their ARPA-funded sewer and water projects to the commissioners, however, Kellyville will be the first presenter for their project – not Oilton.

Several county properties were sold in public auction, a total of nine properties in Bristow, Sapulpa and Drumright. One property located in Bristow on E 9th Ave was purchased by Philipp and Susan Sipes for a grand total of about $850. The remaining eight properties were all purchased by Randall Pluto, for a total of approximately $2,999. The purchased properties and lots include a lot in Old Town Bristow, several lots in Drumright including North Heights, and Westport in Sapulpa as well. There were no other bidders on any properties that were set up for auction Monday morning.

After a recent inspection of the Collins Building Ballroom, the State Fire Marshall has decided the occupancy capacity needs to drastically change. Before, the ballroom had a capacity certification to sufficiently hold 400 people and still be in line with the fire laws. However, with the only emergency entrance and exit being a doorway and a single staircase, capacity has been dropped to just 49.

The Collins Ballroom.

There used to be a fire ladder that accessed the ballroom on the second floor of the Collins Building but was deemed too dangerous to actually be used during an emergency evacuation of the building. The inspection determined that in the case of a fire, only 49 people could effectively and safely leave the ballroom in enough time.

Newt Stephens remarked he wasn’t sure what this meant for the lease agreement with Main Street or how it would affect their efforts to spruce it up, and asked if it “would be worth it for 49 people?”

Jarrod Whitehouse, Commissioner of District #3, presented his first project for the district’s ARPA-funded road and bridge projects. The first bridge in that district to get approved for a hydrology report is bridge #241, located just south of Gypsy. The bridge is reported to have a ‘slight’ lean to the left and is definitely a bridge of concern. Newt Stephens of District #1 added they are laying asphalt and “chugging along” on the other projects in his district. “We’re getting it done,” he said.