Shooting fireworks will again be allowed within Sapulpa City Limits

For the first time since 2012, shooting fireworks in Sapulpa city limits will be legal, with certain restrictions. 

The issue was discussed at a recent Community and Economic Development Committee meeting, where it was acknowledged that every year there are citizens who voice complaints about errant fireworks near their homes, and an equal number who complain that if they are sold here, they should be allowed to be used here. 

After going over the specifics of the ordinance and recognizing that most people will “shoot them off anyway,” the committee decided to bring the item to the full city council with its vote to move forward with approving the ordinance. 

At Monday night’s study session before the regular City Council meeting, Councilor Hugo Naifeh asked if there were any issues last year with fireworks, and City Attorney David Widdoes commented, “We had a pandemic last year. The year before it was not allowed in a 5-4 vote. It was very close to being overturned two years ago. We know they’re being discharged…issuing permits would…alleviate some calls to the police department, there are some revenues to be had, and it would make things a little safer.”

City Clerk Shirley Burzio explained that the ordinance would allow residents within city limits to purchase a 3-day permit for July 3rd through 5th for 12 hours a day, from noon until midnight, for $25 per household. “We have sold them in the past and we are already set up for it…people will have to come into City Hall and pay the Clerk’s office.” 

Additionally, the permits will most likely be able to be purchased online in time for next year’s holiday. 

City Councilor Lou Martin asked, “What are the complaints when people call in?” Police Chief Mike Reed replied that, “Most of them are late at night when people are trying to go to bed…we do get some just in general because they aggravate people, but the majority are after hours.” 

Fire Chief David Taylor explained the fire department’s stance on the new ordinance, and said, “We had it all worked out two years ago, but it didn’t pass. If we could go with that system, I would be okay with it.” 

Councilor Joseph Hale asked, “If someone is shooting off fireworks in town but they did not have a permit, how big of a fine is it?” Widdoes said that the fine is $200 by City code, but “They’re reactive,” said Riley. “The police will look to see if the household has a permit before they go and check the complaint. The offender will probably get a warning. But if the police have to go out again, then they’ll probably write a ticket.”

Mayor Craig Henderson said, “This is a good first step,” and Councilor John Suggs agreed, saying, “We’ll figure out the kinks this year.” Next year things could change.

Ultimately, the change to the ordinance was approved 9-1. To obtain your $25 permit, visit City Hall before the July 4th weekend.