SeneStyle Boutique vandalized for the second time

SeneStyle Boutique (18 S. Park Street), has suffered another case of vandalism, at least the second one since the store began construction earlier this year, before opening in August.

A rock was thrown through the SeneStyle Boutique door on Wednesday night.

Someone threw a rock through the door of the new boutique store late Wednesday night, according to Jeremy Garrett, an employee for the Kante Group, which owns SeneStyle.

Garrett said the incident happened about 10:00 pm and immediately set off alarms. Though several police units quickly responded to the alarm, the culprit had already fled the scene.

SeneStyle Boutique is not the only victim of vandalism South Park Street has had in recent years. The Sapulpa Herald, located next door, also had a rock thrown through its window and items stolen from its office in 2020. Several business owners on that street have said that the lack of lighting is contributing to the recurring vandalism.