See the Annual Elks Hoop Shoot District winners

Sapulpa’s longstanding Elk’s Hoop Shoot tradition continued on Saturday at the old gym in the Sapulpa High School as players lined up over the course of the morning to shoot free throws for a chance to win big.

A free throw program for youth ages 8-13, the Elks National Hoop Shoot contest pits students all over the nation against each other in a friendly but seriously competitive contest.

Each year, the six Hoop Shoot National Champions will have their names listed alongside their picture in a brand-new digital exhibit in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The atmosphere at the Elks Hoop Shoot is not at all like most basketball-related contests: whereas usually the gym will be filled with cheering fans and brimming with excitement, this competition is much more serious—very quiet as the players take their turn at the free throw line, shooting a series of ten shots, and then another round of 15 shots. The players, from different schools around the area, are surrounded by Elks Volunteers, watching the player to make sure they don’t step over the line, and that each shot is qualified. You could almost hear a pin drop.

Now in its 51st year, Saturday’s competition was for Districts, the winners will now go on to state at Enid in February, followed by Regionals and then Nationals. More information on the Hoop Shoot can be found at 

District Winners

Boys, 12-13

1st – Bentley Meisenburg, Wagoner

2nd – Tagg Strelow, Broken Arrow

3rd – Cooper Trease, Miami

4th – Landon Barber, Sapulpa

5th – Parker Matozo, Pawhuska

6th – Jeremiah Frye, Claremore

Girls, 12-13

1st – Tristyn Williamson, Sapulpa

2nd – Kristen Holt, Claremore

3rd – Natalie Taylor, Sand Springs

4th – Lilly Martin, Wagoner

Boys, 10-11

1st – Carter Garland, Broken Arrow

2nd – Kimpton Barber, Sapulpa

3rd – Deagan Guinn, Pawhuska

4th – Cooper Thompson, Claremore

5th – Andrew Taylor, Sand Springs

6th – Casen Rebholz, Wagoner

Girls, 10-11

1st – Kayleigh Scantlen, Broken Arrow

2nd – Brooklynne Ott, Claremore

3rd – Ellie Garnett, Pawhuska

4th – Brylee Hutson, Sapulpa

Boys, 8-9

1st – Ryker Romine, Tahlequah

2nd – Newt Hayden, Pawhuska

3rd – Tucker Graves, Broken Arrow

4th – Deason Mosby, Wagoner

5th – Thomas Nolan, Claremore

Girls, 8-9

1st – Allee Malloy, Sapulpa

2nd – Estella Priest, Claremore

3rd – Lena Pacheco, Wagoner

4th – Arryion Gray, Broken Arrow