Sapulpa native Josh Woods sings with country music superstar Clay Walker

Just a few weeks ago, native Sapulpan Josh Woods was just a guy working in Tulsa, belting out tunes from some of country music’s biggest names on TikTok, his voice amplified by the acoustics in the automatic car wash at which he was employed.

Then Nashville icon Bobby Bones saw him, and Woods’s world changed forever. Bones loved his rendition of Clay Walker’s “She won’t be lonely long,” and invited him to Nashville to sing it live on his nationally syndicated show on iHeartRadio.

As Woods sat on the stool in the studio, Bones told him, “We tried to play with Eddie awhile ago, it didn’t quite work out. We have another guitar player…come on out here.”

Clay Walker, left, shares a laugh with Sapulpa native Josh Woods, who appeared on the Bobby Bones Show in Nashville last week. (Facebook Photo)

In walked Country Music Legend Clay Walker, to the shock and surprise of Woods, who shook Walker’s hand with an obvious starstruck look in his eyes.

After they were seated, Bones asked him, how does it feel to be sitting next to Clay Walker? “You can’t even describe it,” he said. “I mean you’re a legend, man.”

Walker told Woods he followed his music, as well. “I love your TikToks,” he said. “I wish you’d do more lives,” he laughed. “I will do that now,” Woods said.

Walker says that Woods’s journey to discovering his sound in a car wash is similar to his own. “I used to work at Goodyear, at the rubber plant making tires,” he said. “I loved the bathrooms, and that’s where I actually learned how to develop my vocals and I kinda watched you, thinking, ‘Man, that reminds me of me.’”

After they finished the song, Clay complimented Josh’s singing. “My job’s in the hot seat!” he laughed. Bobby Bones agreed. “You nailed it!” he told Woods. 

Walker does TikTok videos, too. Bones asked him “What are you doing on TikTok, that people are coming for?” Walker’s response was a single word: “Real.” 

Bobby Bones wasn’t finished surprising Woods. “On October 30th is something we do called the iHeart Country Festival,” he said. “We’re inviting you to come and perform with us, in front of 20,000 people. You don’t have to commit to it now, but we have a fifteen-minute set, and if you’d like to come…” 

Woods didn’t hesitate. “I’m committing now,” he said.

Josh Woods isn’t brand new to the fame game. He appeared on American Idol multiple times, including in 2015, and then later on The Voice. But he seems to have found his biggest success in singing on TikTok, where he has covered music icons like Brooks & Dunn, Keith Urban, and of course Clay Walker, among others. His country covers have been popular and his appearance on The Bobby Bones show has increased his followers to over 103.6K at last count. “I’m living this dream, all because of you guys on TikTok,” he said in a recent video.
“This is just insane. I’m so blessed, I thank God for everything.”

You can follow Josh Woods at TikTok as josh_woods4 See the full video below: