“Sapulpa is Booming” City sees flurry of new business in a week, upcoming events promise more crowds, revenue

By Micah Choquette

The heydays of oil, trains, brick and glass that gave Sapulpa its roaring start might be long gone, but it’s not hard to imagine the energy and excitement that must have been present in the community during those days, especially when you look at what’s happening in Sapulpa today.

This week, four new businesses opened their doors, three of which are just within a few feet of each other. The fourth, Gasoline Alley Classics, was just a block down to the west and to the north. All of the grand openings were met with a great amount of fanfare and warm welcomes. Two of them came with Sapulpa Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremonies, with more to follow in the coming days.

City officials believe these are the first in a line of dominoes that will bring a fresh amount of momentum to a post-COVID Sapulpa.

“It really feels like Sapulpa is booming,” said City Marketing Coordinator Tawni Vickers during a live Facebook video post this week. Sapulpa Times has been in the thick of it all, going live online every day of the workweek with something new, and a reminder of what’s coming up in an increasingly-busy fall schedule.

Not that we’re complaining: it’s great that Sapulpa is seeing a resurgence in activity—it means more people are coming to discover what we’ve known for a long time—Sapulpa is a great place to live, work, and play. Even better, it’s more and more becoming a great place to shop and eat.

Sapulpa Chamber President Janet Birnie said the best is yet to come. “We’re very excited about all the new business coming to Sapulpa,” she said. “It’s the start of something great, especially these businesses that are bringing more people from outside of Sapulpa to come here and spend their dollars here. We appreciate that these businesses are so supportive of us, and we want to encourage people to be supportive of them.” 

Here’s more on the businesses that opened this week:

Amber Marie and Co.

(116 E. Dewey Ave.)

The unique home decor and gifts boutique has a thriving customer base in South Tulsa, and many of those came and waited in line—some for an hour—to be a part of the grand opening this week which featured cake, gifts, swag bags, and discounts!

Crossroads Cookery

(117 E. Dewey Ave.)

Customers order ice cream at the Crossroads Cookery during the Route 66 Blowout.

One of The Kante Group’s most anticipated projects, the new Crossroads Cookery restaurant promises to blend great food, coffee and desserts into a classy dining atmosphere. Imported antique furniture, fresh-roasted coffee, and custom ice cream options make for what’s sure to be a great downtown dining experience.

DownTown Brown

(110 E. Dewey Ave.)

Another trendy boutique, but the real draw to this business is in the back. Imported tanning beds and sauna-style machines provide unique treatments, coupled with hairstylist and esthetician services means it’s a one-stop-shop for everything beauty.

Gasoline Alley Classics

(24 N. Main St.)

Seven years in the making, the brown paper finally came off of Gasoline Alley Classics this week. Home to the former Sapulpa Motor Company, a Model-T Ford dealership and display room…the renovated space features the historic Route 66 etched into the floor, and in every direction are vintage signs, classic car parts and neon. This location is sure to become a hot spot for Route 66 travelers.