Sapulpa fire responds to series of gas leak calls, situation explained

The Sapulpa fire department found itself responding to numerous gas leak calls this morning after what has essentially been deemed a false alarm.

Sapulpa Fire Marshal Rod Bell told Sapulpa Times that the flurry of calls came in after a business near Highway 117 let a burst of natural gas into the air as part of a procedure they were doing to replace a part at their facility.

Though he couldn’t say who the company was, Bell said that in order to replace the part, they had to “bleed the system” to release the pressure and while doing so, the winds swept the odor over the town, causing people to think they were experiencing a gas leak.

Bell said the fire department responded to three different gas calls and that the City Hall was evacuated for a short time before the odor eventually subsided.

Featured Image courtesy of Sapulpa Fire Department Facebook Page.