Routine traffic stop leads to arrest in Sapulpa school parking lot

A suspect arrested in the Sapulpa High School parking lot on Monday morning was found to have drug paraphernalia and a stolen firearm in the vehicle, according to police.

At roughly 9:30 am, Sapulpa police performed a traffic stop on Mission Street in front of the high school. The driver made the decision to pull into the high school parking lot in order to comply with the traffic stop.

According to Sapulpa Police Lieutenant Masters, the officers making the stop found drug paraphernalia and a stolen firearm in the car. The driver was promptly arrested and is currently sitting in the Creek County Jail.

Johnny Bilby, Assistant Superintendent, stressed that the suspect “was not a student at the school, nor were they a parent of a student at the school.” Masters echoed that statement, saying the traffic stop was entirely routine and just happened to end at the high school parking lot.

Bilby said he didn’t believe the school was ever placed in lockdown. “The whole situation was over before we even heard about it,” he said.