Roma Italian Ristorante has closed

Sapulpa’s only authentic Italian restaurant has closed after being open for only six months.

Roma Italian Ristorante: November 2021 – May 2022.

Sapulpa Times has confirmed with family and employees of the restaurant’s former owners that the restaurant has closed for good. Florin, cousin of the actual owner, told Sapulpa Times that getting good help was hard to find. “We could not get employees,” he said. “The customers were wonderful, we loved being there, but getting people to work there was very difficult.”

Roma was started by an Italian-Albanian immigrant from Texas and had a few stumbles initially, but caught on after the owner actually made it to the restaurant.

The shortage in help and waitstaff is a common complaint from businesses of all kinds right now and is at least part of the reason that nearby Hickory House is closing as well.

As of now, the Roma Italian building sits darkened, its parking lot empty, but fully furnished and ready for the next restauranteur. Hopefully, whoever lands there next will be able to find the help they need to keep the place open.