Road to Lakes to get nice Overlay

Good news coming out of the Creek County Commission — specifically, Rick Stewart’s District 2.

The Commission has accepted an engineer’s recommendation and final plans for an asphalt overlay of West 86th Street westward to Pretty Water and Sahoma Lakes.
Bids are to be opened July 27th. The money is grant-funded and comes from state funds already in place for state tourism.

A Friends of Our Lakes group is trying to get traction helping the city and John Waytula’s Parks and Rec. Dept. at the lakes.

Sapulpa News & Views has been using social media to assemble the group to address needs at the lakes. It worked to get the recent city bond issue passed so the dam at Sahoma can be secured; working with fish and wildlife department to place fish habitat and make Sahoma a “boom” fishing lake; and reclaim land around the lakes including Overview Park to expand camping, fishing and recreation.

Volunteers and support are needed. About a dozen people have signed up to be part of the group.