Rain holds off in time for 2 Cool 4 School fundraiser

By Micah Choquette

In a month that has seen the highest number of triple-digit temps in a decade, you wouldn’t think rain would be a problem—especially in the middle of a burn ban.

Yet, that was exactly the problem facing the inaugural 2 Cool 4 School fundraiser car show, orchestrated by the Make Sense Foundation and Sooner Home Healthcare as a school supplies fundraiser for local students.

Earlier this week, a large storm system moved into the area and drenched Sapulpa over the next few days, and though we needed the moisture, the mere threat of severe weather usually dissuades your average classic car owner from even opening the garage door.

Thankfully, a break in the rain on Friday evening provided a two-fold surprise: a larger-than-expected number of cars showed up to compete, and meanwhile, the cooler, cloudy weather made the experience that much more enjoyable.

“We only had seven cars preregister,” said Lisa Marlin, with Sooner Home Healthcare. “We ended up having 25 cars show after the weather held up. It was a great turnout,” she said.

Kendra McColloch, Director of the Make Sense Foundation, said the event was a success, even if it almost didn’t happen. In a phone call earlier that week, she told Sapulpa Times, “I know we need the rain, but if God could just make it stop between these hours, that would be great.” Later, at the event, she said, “I feel like He heard me!”

McColloch said the event had a smaller turnout than she was hoping for—no doubt because of the weather—but also said she was pleased with the results.

Admission to the car show required $5 or a bag of school supplies. McColloch said that they raised over $5,000 in the event.

Trophies were awarded for cars with the best paint job and longest haul, as well as a “best in show” award.

Lauren Findahl, from Broken Arrow, won “Best Paint Job” with her beautiful green 1950 Ford Truck.

Roy Stubblefield won “Best In Show” with his artisan turquoise 1965 Chevy Impala.

William Tedrick won the “Longest Haul” award with this 2019 Red Chevy Corvette Grand Sport. Tedrick drove all the way from Fort Gibson to participate in the show.

Other participants included Mark’s Snack Shack, Okie Kidz Inflatables, and Route 66 Tees, who agreed to donate a portion of their proceeds to the school supplies program. “We don’t usually even do events,” said owner Denise Rains. “But for something like this, we said ‘sure, we’ll do that. It’s a good cause.'”

Both Sooner Home Healthcare and Make Sense Foundation say they’d like to bring the car show back next year. Hopefully, the weather will hold then, as well.