Photos: Local Make-A-Wish recipient gets parade

Eight years ago, Brock Hammer was born with Transposition of the Greater Vessels. The Mayo Clinic says, “Transposition of the great vessels is a heart defect that occurs from birth (congenital). The 2 major vessels that carry blood away from the heart — the aorta and the pulmonary artery — are switched (transposed).”

Brock spent the first three-and-half months of his life in the PICU. His first surgery happened when he was stable enough—at one month and two days old. Since then, he has had open-heart surgery, many heart catheter procedures, and a stint replacement at age three.

He has now graduated to visiting the cardiologist once a year. These appointments consist of heart echocardiograms and x-rays in hopes that no other surgeries are needed. His parents, Tyson and Koty Hammer call him “The World’s Toughest Cowboy” after all he has been through.

Brock loves to fish, hunt, play baseball and basketball, and is also soft-spoken and “loves big.” His parents say, “We could not be more proud of who he is in this world, how tough he has been through everything and his go-with-the-flow personality.”

The Hammer family had applied for a Disney trip through Make-a-Wish and in early 2020 Brock’s Make-a-Wish had come true. He was going to Disney! Then COVID-19 forced Disney to close and his wish was postponed.

So on June 10th, 2020, Sapulpa High School Student Council, Make-a-Wish Oklahoma, Brock’s baseball team, the Invaders, his principal at Lone Star, Mr. Whithouse and his favorite teacher, Mrs. Ernst, put together a parade in the Lone Star Elementary School parking lot. They wanted to make sure he knew they were still thinking of him and wanting to make his summer fun even if he couldn’t go to Disney. The parade was also a fundraiser to honor Brock’s wish and they exceeded their goal of $7,500. Family, friends, teammates, and parade participants were sure to keep social distancing guidelines throughout the evening.

The Hammer family would like to thank Make-a-Wish Oklahoma and Sapulpa High School for the parade and fundraiser.

They also say, “We thank God for answering all of our prayers over the years and to everyone who has followed Brock’s journey and prayed for him.” They also want to thank all the nurses and doctors who have been on Brock’s medical team. They say of all this, “We can never repay, but we will do our best to give back, love life, and take time to live with Brock Hammer.”