New PLN Venue opens in Sapulpa

PLN Resort and Venue, located on 49th W. Ave, just south of Highway 117, had their open house on Sunday afternoon from 2-4 pm.

At just under 11,000 sqft, the venue is not just large in terms of size, but big in vision, as well—more than a wedding venue, more than a spa, more than a corporate event center; the hilltop venue sits like a beacon outside the city, drawing in everyone from the blushing bride-to-be, to the c-level executive and everyone in between. With three levels decked out in white furniture, marble and glass, it feels very exquisite.

It’s plainly obvious that a lot of thought and care went into every part of the experience that the guest is expected to have. A lit concrete driveway leads up the hill and around the back of the venue, where a simple but beautiful water feature welcomes you to a grass and concrete patio parking area. 

Through the main entrance, the guest is treated to an open floor plan in the main kitchen and lounging area, complete with a fireplace on one side and a 192-inch screen on the other, perfect for presentations in a more casual or relaxed atmosphere. Elsewhere in the venue are rooms for meetings, bridal suites, and spas. At the top level is a long table that seats around 20 people, making it great for even Christmas dinner.

Downstairs is what they call the “Blanco Gallery,” a perfect area for a reception for around 200 people. For the open house, more than 30 different vendors were available for patrons to see and learn about. Aside from the expected vendors, like floral designers and wedding photographers, the space also featured several unique additions for any wedding or party: a caricaturist, neon lighting rentals, and even a “Chug Bug”—a Volkswagen Beetle serving drinks on tap.

The concierges at the venue said the attendance for the open house was solid, and the response was good.

“Mostly, we’re hearing that people are surprised that we have something like this in Sapulpa,” one said. “They’ve never seen something quite like this, it’s elegant, but versatile as well.”

Pricing for any of the rooms can run from a few hundred dollars an hour up to $12,000 for use of the full facility. Interested parties are urged to inquire about special rates and events.

You can find out more information at