Local author writes song of appreciation for our military

Local author and photographer Aquilla Loftis had it on her heart to write a song of appreciation for the members of the military 17 years ago, when our country was in the turmoil of 9/11 and facing war with terrorists. What started as a song of heartfelt gratitude has blossomed into a melody of remembrance and honor that has held up ever since.

Loftis says she’s also grateful to the others that helped craft the message of inspiration and thankfulness. “I wrote the lyrics and had Louis Drapp of Drapp Studios write and produce the music,” she told Sapulpa Times in a recent email. “Louis is a natural he does amazing work,” she said.

In addition to Drapp music, local artist Jason Hargrove provided the lead vocals: and background vocals were provided by Ru Hargrove and Louis Drapp.

“They really did an excellent job, I was very pleased with how it turned out.” Louis said.

Since it’s release, Louis says she’s given out over 300 copies on CD and is now happy to offer it for free as an online download as well. Download your copy of the song here.