Legal woes for Oilton delay property tax statements

Legal woes for the City of Oilton have delayed property tax statements for Creek County property owners, as brought up during Monday, November 14th’s Board of County Commissioners meeting.

According to Creek County Treasurer Don Engle, the town has a $40,000 judgment rendered against it resulting in a six-mil levy assessed on Oilton property owners for a period of three to four years. “The problem that they are having is…I have no idea what it is, no one has been able to tell me what it is. That’s kind of where we are at right now.”

When asked when the statements would go out, Engle replied, “I don’t know for sure on that yet because I don’t know where we are at. Right now we can’t do anything until the 18th of November. Then we have to turn that over to our accountant that is working with the County. He only has three days to get that in. Then we’ve got to wait until the 28th or 29th to send the form out to the people that are going to make the taxes come out. If it goes past the second week in December, we are going to have a big problem.”

The County treasurer emphasized that failure to pay taxes for 2022 on December 30th would result in a failure to be able to make “half-payments.” To avoid penalties, full payment must be made by January 15, 2023.

The Sapulpa Times reached out to the City of Oilton for comments about this situation, but the person answering the phone who said she was the Deputy City Clerk, told the Sapulpa Times that she could not talk to the Press but would have someone call and give a statement. No one has called at the time of publication of this article. The Sapulpa Times will keep its readers apprised of any updates on the issuance of property tax statements.