Kellyville’s victory over Kiefer last week shows they’re a team to watch this year.

Kellyville Ponies sent the Kiefer Trojans marching home with their helmets in hand last week. As a Kellyville alum, it’s a game that I’m really sorry I wasn’t there to see.

Let’s put this in perspective: Kellyville hasn’t had a winning season since 2004, and that was a record of 7-5.

Yes, we know—it’s early in the season, and we shouldn’t be counting chickens, yet. But when the last twelve plus years are only wins of one or two—if any at all—this fireball of a start for the Ponies is nothing short of amazing to see.

Last year’s schedule was exactly like this one so far: Pawhuska and then Keifer had the first two games. In 2016, they both left the field with wins over Kellyville of 35 and 34 points, respectively.

This year, it must’ve come as quite a shock that last year’s lackluster team had become the makings of a powerhouse. Kellyville left Pawhuska in August with a 29-6 win, and a week later sent the Trojans marching, 33-0.

Put another way, Kellyville has scored more points so far this year than they scored in the first seven games of 2016—that’s most of the season, folks.

So yeah, we should keep an eye on them this year.

Kellyville heads to Broken Arrow to play Summit Christian Academy on Friday. Kickoff is at 7pm.

Photos by Chelsey Roth.