Going, Going, Gone: Sapulpa Herald Building Demolished

More than almost any other building in Sapulpa, the small, almost nondescript structure at 16 S. Park defined the Oil Capital of the Southwest.

Now, that small building of a million stories is gone, a wide patch of concrete and brick the only sign remaining that there was ever a building there at all.

The Sapulpa Herald building was purchased by the City of Sapulpa earlier this year with the intention of being torn down to make way for the planned alleyway redesign as part of the Downtown Master Plan. The Herald staff, who long had to deal with roof leaks, an aging facility, and at one time, a live bobcat—is undoubtedly ready to move to a new space.

Although, where that is, currently remains a mystery; the production side of the business—that is, the press and operations of the Herald’s other print customers—is currently relocating to a new facility in nearby Kiefer. The newsroom itself is currently seeking a new home in downtown Sapulpa.

K&T Demolition handled the dismantling of the Herald, saving metal, bricks and glass for use in other projects or special requests. The entire demolition took just two days.

The City plans to utilize the space for the Christmas Chute.

See the videos we caught of the demolishing here:

Day One:

Day Two: