Fire Station No. 3 Holds Open House

Sapulpa’s beautiful new Fire Station No. 3, located at 10 E Murphy Ave held its open house last week.

The new station, a part of the 2020 GO Bond, is a replacement for the original Station No. 3, which was built in the 1970s by the very firefighters who worked out of that station.

One such person was present at the open house; Dennis Kerr, who was a Sapulpa Firefighter in the 1960s and 1970s, says he loves the new building and is sure it’ll be used for decades to come. “I can’t believe how nice it is,” he said.

Dennis Kerr

Visitors to the open house got a full tour of the facility, which spans 2 stories and includes three bays for trucks, a rooftop deck and a real fireman’s poleā€”the only one in any of Sapulpa’s four Fire Stations.

Firefighter Aaron Baker gave a tour and said the nostalgia factor had a lot to do with the creation of the new fire station: “We have tables and even an entire wall that was made from reclaimed wood from the old fire station,” he said.

Two end tables were made from reclaimed wood, covered with epoxy, and then outlined with an old fire hose to really give it an authentic firehouse feel. The kitchen table was made the same way, except it was partially painted to include an American flag, with a glass top to keep it from being damaged.

Because the station sits just off the Main Street thoroughfare, it can be easy to miss by any casual driver, but firemen at the house say that they’ve been busy answering a lot of calls for the area and that they’re looking forward to even more visitors when school begins next fall.