County Notebook: Buildings, surplus, and more

After considerable discussion, and upon recommendation of County Clerk Jennifer Mortizavi, Commissioners unanimously passed a motion to award the Record Indexing of Scanned Documents bid to Kofile Technologies LLC. This project will migrate existing scanned documents into the software currently used by the County Clerk’s office. The bid came in at $1,598,442.40 and is to be paid with ARPA Funds.

Mortizavi stated that only two other bidders met the specifications and both of those could implement change orders and require the purchase of new software that is not suitable for the County Clerk’s office. Another concern was the verification process the other two companies would provide. Kofile Technologies promises 99.25 percent accuracy.

The Board unanimously passed a motion to approve a contract with R.D. Simpson Construction to construct a 100 ft by 40 ft building to house heavy equipment for District #2, in the amount of $74,600.00.

Commissioners unanimously passed a motion to sign a Utility Encroachment Affidavit for Creek County bridge project over Salt Creek in District #2.

The Board unanimously passed a motion to surplus an HP LaserJet Printer and two 7’6” long Metal

Shelves for the County Clerk to be transferred to Emergency Management

Commissioners unanimously passed a motion to sign a resolution to surplus two Watch Guard Vista HD WIFI body-worn cameras for the Sheriff and a resolution to dispose of the same to be returned under the warranty exchange contract.

The Board unanimously passed a motion to approve the allocation of the Alcoholic Beverage Tax to be distributed as follows: Bristow $3,426.06; Depew $331.48; Drumright $2,064.67; Kellyville $821.84; Kiefer $1,763.84; Lawrence Creek $97.59; Mannford $2,630.84; Mounds $751.67; Oilton $713.76; Sapulpa $17,686.00; and Slick $121.78.

Commissioners unanimously approved a motion to approve a utility permit request from Oklahoma Natural Gas company per County specs for a natural gas pipeline to cross 8890 S. 39th West Avenue, approximately 1.31 miles W. and 1.82 miles North of U.S. Highway 75 & State Highway 364.

County Clerk Jennifer Mortizavi informed the Board that Cunningham Sandblasting and Painting submitted a late bid on 1/3/23 at 9:50 a.m. and that the first and third bidders are not compliant with the bid specs. That leaves the fourth bidder, Tanksco, as the next lowest bidder. She stated that they are registered with SAMS.GOV, but are showing as inactive and are in the process of renewing their registration. 

Mannford Town Administrator Gerald Haury stated he would like to recommend Tanksco with the stipulation of providing updated SAM.GOV registration before the notice to proceed is sent.

The next fourth lowest bid is Utility Services whose bid came in at $140,000 more than Tanksco Inc. 

The Board then unanimously passed a motion to pass until 3/23/2023 awarding a bid for the Mannford ARPA project to rehabilitate a 160,000-gallon elevated water storage tank with the option to add to earlier agenda if recommended vendor Tanksco Inc. can provide updated SAMS.GOV/UEI USRF information (documentation that shows the vendor is registered to accept monies for Federally funded projects).