County has new Election Board Secretary after nearly three decades

Newly-appointed Election Board Secretary Vicki Martin replaces recently retired Secretary Joy Naifeh who served in that capacity for 28 years.  Mrs. Martin took the helm Monday, May 1, 2023, after serving as a Republican member of the Creek County Election Board since 2012.

Creek County Election Board Secretary Vicki Martin. Mrs. Martin started the job on Monday, May 1st, replacing Joy Naifeh, who had served for nearly 30 years.

It should be pointed out that the Board consists of two members and the Secretary. There is one Board Member from the Democratic Party and one member from the Republican Party.

“We have two members and two alternates. A member from each party, each dominant political party, is represented. They are appointed by their Central committees,” said Martin.

Mrs. Martin explained the procedure for becoming Election Board Secretary: “To be the Election Board Secretary, it is by appointment through the (state) senator representing the district of that County Election Board.”

In the case of Creek County, that would be the Honorable Todd Gollihar.

When asked what changes were in store for the Creek County Election Board, Martin said, “I am the big change. I am filling the shoes of a dear, lovely woman, Joy Naifeh, who had this position for years and years.”

Martin went on to say that she is acclimating to the job.

“I am learning all the things that I have not seen as a board member, to the everyday business end of preparing for an election.

“There is a mountain of information from the State Election Board as well as procedures that I work with the County. I haven’t figured out all those details yet, but we are working on it.”

When queried about her future plans to possibly implement new procedures for the office, Mrs. Martin said: “Not right now, I still have to get used to the process and make sure that our current elections are completed and satisfactory to the State. Then we will look at our space and pretty much keep things the way they are.” 

When asked about challenges she might face, Martin replied; “Oh yeah, I am the new guy, I have got a lot to learn, there is a lot to learn.”

Mrs. Martin said one item she hopes to address is the storage of documents.

“I will be looking at storage, we need more storage. We have to keep records for a certain amount of years depending on the document, so storage is kind of the issue right now.”

Martin concluded by saying: “I hope to fully carry out all the duties I am supposed to, that our election system is secure and carried out the right way. Our office will be pleasant and welcoming to anyone who has questions about their voting process.”