County Board of Adjustment approves 5 medical marijuana processing applications

An application to allow medical marijuana processing in an agricultural district caused some contention at January’s Creek County Board of Adjustment meeting on Tuesday the 19th. 

Trevor Scott said he initially applied so he could continue his two years of marijuana-growing experience on his father’s property on West 171st Street South in Bristow. However, since submitting the application, Scott said he has decided he will become a caregiver for a loved one within the next year. Oklahoma laws do not currently allow caregivers to be involved in the medical marijuana business. 

Rather than withdraw the application, Scott chose to see if he could be approved anyway, as “there is still a possibility” he will be able to move forward with the project and because he had already completed so much of the process.   

County Planners Wendy Murray and Ashley Drake had not yet encountered an applicant who was unsure about whether or not they would be able to follow through with their plan and appeared to assume the Board would deny the application. If not a denial, Drake suggested giving Scott a one-year timeline to complete the application process. 

Board member Mary Gannaway countered, saying, “We haven’t put these stipulations on anyone else,” and questioned why this particular applicant would be subject to them. 

Ultimately, after some discussion with the applicant, Drake, and Murray, the BOA unanimously passed the application and Mr. Scott will have time to finalize his plans. 

John Mark Nelson of SSI Holdings was approved to have medical marijuana processing on 80 agricultural acres on West Cedar Lane, west of Lake Sahoma, in Sapulpa. Murray said there was no opposition from neighbors and that staff recommended approval. 

Joachim Scaggs was approved to have medical marijuana processing for liquids on 31.5 agricultural acres on South 369th West Avenue in Bristow. He has constructed a 3,200 square foot sheet metal building with all utilities and several varieties of safety and security systems for the operation. Scaggs further stated that a tenured OSU professor with a doctorate in chemistry will be involved in the business and that they eventually plan to have a lab on-site.