City hopes new flashing signs will slow speedsters

As you travel around Sapulpa you might notice a few new traffic signs, and if you are exceeding the posted speed limit they will start flashing.

Chief of Police Mike Reed said the city has three electronic speed signs that are up and functional.  

They are located in the following places: Taft street between Ridge Road and Boyd for westbound traffic, Bryan Street between Oak and Walnut for eastbound traffic, and Mission Street in front of the High School for northbound traffic, he said. 

Flashing speed zone sign near Sapulpa high school. Sheri Waldrop photo.

The electronic speed signs were purchased at the request of City Manager Joan Riley, to place in problem areas. The Police department researched and purchased them and worked with the Street Department to install them. 

Riley said “The signs were purchased with Cares Act Funds in an effort to help slow traffic down in areas that we know people tend to drive over the speed limit.  The qualification for COVID relief dollars, or Cares Act Funds, for these signs was to create an avenue where individuals could recognize for themselves,  they were speeding and would slow down without having to be pulled over by one of our police units which would require personal contact and exchange of information.”

These speed signs can be removed and placed in other locations throughout the city if deemed necessary, Reed said.

The city will continue to have patrol cars out and about within the city limits, she said. They will make contact if drivers are violating any one of our traffic laws, but the new signs are in place to help citizens by showing their speed.