Chieftains Drain the Chargers 47-14

Coming off a record-setting seven touchdown passes in the 61-19 win against Glenpool last week, Sapulpa’s junior quarterback Colton Howard was looking to follow up with an equally successful fight against the Memorial Chargers for Sapulpa’s Homecoming game.

After catching the opening kickoff on their own 40-yard-line, Sapulpa got off to a great start with a 40-yard rush by Cu-Nu Fields on the first play of the game.

Sapulpa senior Cu-Nu Fields shoves off defenders in Friday’s game against the Memorial Chargers, where Fields ran for 93 yards in a decisive 47-14 win. (Sheri Waldrop photo)

Two plays later, they tried it again, but Fields lost three yards.

The next down, Howard threw a 23-yard pass to Kyland Edwards that landed in the endzone, and the Chieftains tipped off a lead that didn’t let up the entire game. Another 45-yard bomb by Howard found its way to Tre Morrow, followed by back-to-back passing and rushing gains of eleven yards each by Watson and Fields, respectively. Later, Howard ran it in himself for a TD.

And that’s the way the entire first half was. Memorial found very little opportunity to stop the pressing Chieftain offense. By the end of the first quarter, Sapulpa was up 20-0. By the end of the first half, it was 40-7.

After a great performance by Sapulpa’s Big Blue Marching Band, the momentum switched for the 3rd quarter as the Chieftains allowed another touchdown for Memorial, but didn’t score anything themselves.

Jaydon Watson runs downfield in Friday’s game against the Memorial Chargers. (Photo by Sheri Waldrop)

They found their mojo in the fourth, adding another 7 points and holding Memorial to no additional points for a final score of 47-14.

Standouts for Sapulpa include Senior Cu-Nu Fields, who ran for 93 yards, and Tre Morrow, who caught 110 passing yards, and of course QB Colton Howard, who ran 16 yards, including one touchdown, and threw for 314 yards this game. Other touchdowns were made by senior Cameron Mackey, sophomore Blake Hurt, junior Kylan Edwards, senior Tre Morrow, and senior Gavin Read. Twice in the first quarter, Read caught 48-yard passes.

What does it mean for the Playoffs?

Between this win and the win from last week, Sapulpa has likely secured a spot in the playoffs as the number 4 team in 5A District 3, behind Coweta, Del City, and McAlester, who Sapulpa plays next week for Senior Day.