City Council To Consider a “Tax Increment District”

The City Council unanimously approved a resolution on Monday, May 15th to form a committee to investigate and possibly start the process of creating a “tax increment district” in Sapulpa, as a way to reimburse the cost for certain projects happening within the downtown area, mostly those associated with the Downtown Master Plan.

New PLN Venue opens in Sapulpa

At just under 11,000 sqft, the venue is not just large in terms of size, but big in vision, as well—more than a wedding venue, more than a spa, more than a corporate event center.

Fried food on white round plate

Business Over Breakfast slated for Jan. 18th

The Sapulpa Chamber of Commerce is hitting the new year full-speed ahead with its first Business Over Breakfast on January 18th, at 7:30 am at Steak and Eggs (1117 E. Taft Ave).