Allen-Bowden seventh-graders enjoy field trip to Lake Sahoma

The seventh-grade class at Allen-Bowden Public School took part in the school’s annual field trip to Lake Sahoma, Tuesday, May 2023.

Students took advantage of the first warm, sunny day in over a week by fishing, frolicking around the picnic area, and roasting marshmallows.

The Sapulpa Herald asked Jennifer Churchill, Special Ed teacher at Allen-Bowden, how often the students go on field trips. “We do this one every year in the spring with the seventh grade. Ms. Harrison has been bringing them out here since 2013. Most of our grades do at least one field trip in the spring. The third grade has gone to the Jenks Aquarium, the sixth grade is going to the Ancient Forest on Friday, they all do different things. Your seventh-grade year, you get to come out here and go fishing and play,” said Ms.Churchill.

Kathy Harrison, seventh and eighth-grade history teacher at Allen-Bowden, said these field trips are beneficial to the students. “Especially this time of the year with testing, it gives them a break and a chance to clear their heads.”

Allen-Bowden Band Director Brian Garrison, who was fishing on the walkway to the indoor dock, stated he had caught 18 fish so far that day.

All the students were apparently having rather good luck that day. According to a gentleman fishing outside the dock, the adolescent anglers were using “pieces of pizza” as bait, which apparently the fish liked.

One young lady, Xoey Barnes, who appeared to be fiercely competitive, kept announcing her latest tally; at last count, she had caught 42 fish.

Rene De Roussel, who said he was just out enjoying the lake, helped the students make a campfire on which they roasted marshmallows.

Principal Bill Adams told the Sapulpa Herald that he was “just the bus driver” that day.

Christy Moody, seventh and eighth-grade English teacher, Kathy Harrsion, and Jennifer Chuchill all agreed the field trip has a calming effect on the students.