35th Annual Art Show Recognizes Artists of All Ages

Sapulpa Arts & Humanities Foundation held its 35th Annual Art Show on Saturday, September 10th with more than 100 pieces of art created by artists of all ages.

Those awarded ribbons during the annual Rt. 66 Art Show and Sale are as follows:

Reed Architecture Best of Show was awarded to Alice Hurlbert for “Intense”

The Jane and Stan Johnson People’s Choice was awarded to Faylen Grisier for “A Thousand Fathoms Below”

Professional Artists

Watercolor Painting

 1st – Sam Houghton, Old House

Oil Painting

1st – Alice Hurlbert, Intense

2nd – Arthur Uphold, The Kiss

Acrylic Painting

1st – Sam Houghton, For Sale


1st – Ken Brown, Sapulpa Times

2nd – Gary Royce, Antelope

Sculpture, Pottery or 3-D

1st – Sherry Royse, Cheyenne Spirit

2nd – Arthur Uphold, Flower Skull

Color Photography

1st – Angenene Kendrick, I Dream of Mowgli

2nd – Jan Duke, Purple

Black & White Photography

1st – Angenene Hendrick, Vincent’s Baby

2nd – Angenene Hendrick, Deco Webster

Digitally Enhanced Photography

1st – Jan Duke, Paradise

2nd – Lisa Barthold, Road Tripping

Adult Non-professional Artists

Watercolor Painting

1st – Cheryl Warren, The Fisherman

2nd – Cheryl Warren, Camel Back Mountains

3rd – Claire Tosh, My Sister’s Cat Leo

Oil Painting

1st – Maggie Gordon, Apothecary Jars

2nd – Carolyn Gardner, River Wild

3rd – Fern Patterson, The Hunter

Acrylic Painting

1st – Cheryl Warren, The Waterhole

2nd – Lori Vaughn, Sienna Sunrise

3rd – Fern Patterson, Mountain View

Honorable Mention: Sherman Baker and Lori Vaughn


2nd – Kole Simmons, Shining Satin

3rd – Kole Simmons, Spread Your Wings & Fly

Mixed Media

1st – Teri Beane, Not Just Another Number

2nd – Dayna Beck, T-Town

3rd – Dayna Beck, Indian War Pony

Honorable Mention: Eric Courtney

Sculpture, Pottery or 3-D

1st – Peggy Sheldon, Gathering Basket

2nd – Peggy Sheldon, Twined Vase

3rd – Lee Snapp, Happiness

Honorable Mentions: Peggy Sheldon and Lee Snapp

Color Photography

1st – Roberta Nevels, Chihuly Arts 

Young Adult

Color on Paper of Canvas

1st – Chloe Horath, Shoes

2nd – Sadie Hix, City Scape

3rd – Morgan Bensen, Bloom

Honorable Mentions: Francia Zlata, Julia Robbins, Chloe Horath

Black & White on Paper or Canvas

1st – Faylen Grisier, One Thousand Fathom Below

2nd – Sadie Hix, Conte Lamp

3rd – Matt Hall, Car in Pencil

Honorable Mentions: Julie Robbins, Doyle Champlain, Bryan Houston, Francia Zlata, Hannah Gattis


1st – Abby Gavrilou, Daddy’s Home

Photography Digital Design

1st – Katie Waldrop, Spider Kabuki

2nd – Morgan Benson, Will Graham

3rd – Katie Waldrop, Kitty the Big Red Cat

Honorable Mention, Cloe Horath

Sculpture, Potter & 3-D

Jacee Glass, Chloe Horath,

2nd – Chloe Horath, Brown & Gold Plates

3rd – Kyrene Thompson, Fantasy

Honorable Mentions: Jaycee Glass and Chloe Horath

Youth 11-14

Color Paper or Canvas

1st – Anita Mitchell, Art Block

2nd – Madyson Dupee, Seaside

3rd – Riley Tolle, Birds on a Wire

Black and White Paper or Canvas

1st – Riley Tolle, Gatorade

Color Photography

1st – Rogan Mitchell, Pila de Lena

2nd – Kiva Harjo, Wild Yarrow

3rd – Nathaniel Harjo, Alaskan Interior


Avenn Mitchell, Story Fantasy

Youth 6-10

Color on Paper or Canvas

1st – Gordon Bryan, Chagall Interpretation

2nd – Jayden Graves, Awesome Bike

3rd – Jeremiah Robinson, Rainbow Dog

Honorable Mention: Melina Mohammadiojan, Foxes in Love

Black & White on Paper or Canvas

1st – Emma Arndt, Sabertooth

2nd – Hudson Ballard, Furious Dragon

3rd – Joli Schroeder, Northern Lights

Honorable Mention: Gordon Bryan, A Weirdo Drew This

Child 5 & Under

1st – Rylee Mae Snapp, Seahorse & Crystals